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Attorney Simon Speaking at National Bankruptcy Conference, July 11-13, Newport, RI

Attorney Jacob T. Simon will be moderating at the upcoming American Bankruptcy Institute (“ABI”) 2019 Northeastern Bankruptcy Conference to be held on July 11-13 in Newport, RI. Attorney Simon is excited to join his fellow panel members for the Consumer Forum Session with a presentation captioned “Access to Justice: Expanding Opportunities”. This will be the second time that Attorney Simon has presented at the annual ABI Northeast conference. Here is a link to the ABI conference schedule. ...

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Immigration Lawyer in a Difficult Time

Tenant Victory Over Aggressive Bank

Immigration laws are constantly changing and so is case precedent and standards of review promulgated by the Attorney General. Very little is certain especially when it comes to removal (i.e. deportation) of individuals from the United States based on prior (sometimes very old) convictions. A woman called me back in March because her boyfriend, who is the father of their two young children, a boy and a girl, had been suddenly detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") upon the family's return from a vacation to the Dominican Republic. The man was detained because of a guilty plea nine years ago...

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Life Lesson: Check Your Credit Report!

I received a phone call from a client who received their Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge earlier in 2013. They are applying for a job and as a part of the screening process, the employer is requiring a credit report. The prospective employer does not mind the bankruptcy, but does have a problem with a $34,000 debt appearing as still being old and delinquent. However, the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy. They do not owe it. While the prospective employer might be satisfied with documents I provide them, it should not be assumed that other prospective employers will be as accommodating. The...

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